Make your REST APIs bug free.

Your business runs on apps.  

Your apps run on APIs.  

Rester makes them bug free.  

Convert Your OpenAPI Specs Into Runnable Test Cases

Why Rester?

Reduce mobile app crashes.

Rester helps you generate rock solid test suite to make sure you APIs are always working as written in spec. Your API specs are the single source of truth for your system for all clients. Rester intelligently parses those specs and generates test cases covering various scenarios automatically. All you have to do is edit the test data as you see fit and run test cases.

No need to write code.

Spending hours writing API tests with a scripting language? No more. Rester can generate the tests with visual form filling and drag-and-drop. It can automatically generate lots of assertions that otherwise take lot of time and effort to build.

Sharable reports and collaborative testing.

Share report link with your dev team instantly to speed up the bug identifying and fixing process.