Rester REST API Testing

Frequently Asked Questions.

How Rester works?

Rester takes your specification file and parses it and generate tests with the combination of URL method and endpoints. It can also process your schema defition for request and response payloads and provides an intutive interface to edit data for testing.

Can I generate tests without specification file?

No. You can't generate tests without specification file for now. We are working on manual test creation, which will be available soon.

What specification file format does Rester support?

Rester currently supports OpenAPI (All Versions) and Swagger YML files as specification files.

How can I run tests?

You can run the tests in the cloud, which is the recommended way to do it. If you have to run the tests against your local development server, you can use the CLI to run the test from your laptop and access the reports from the app.

How can I edit test data?

Rester provides a intuitive UI to edit the test data and create assertions.

How can I provide authentication in my requests?

You can add Bearer token or Cookie header authentication for your requests. More options are coming soon.